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Wikipedia defines ocean pollution as,

Marine pollution occurs when harmful, or potentially harmful, effects result from the entry into the ocean of chemicals, particles, industrial, agricultural and residential waste, noise, or the spread of invasive organisms. Most sources of marine pollution are land based. The pollution often comes from nonpoint sources such as agricultural runoff, wind-blown debris and dust.

As hazardous as air pollution is, marine pollution is also destroying the ecosystem day by day. Flora and fauna in the ocean are harmed by man-made plastics dumping, oil spills etc. The oceans are choking as tons of garbage is being dumped into the waters every year. Chemicals also enter the sea from land-based activities.

Chemicals can escape into water, soil, and air during their manufacture, use, or disposal, as well as from accidental leaks or fires in products containing these chemicals. Once in the environment, they can travel for long distances in air and water, including ocean currents. Evidence is mounting that a number of man-made chemicals can cause serious health problems – including cancer, damage to the immune system, behavioural problems, and reduced fertility. Animals higher up the food chain, such as seals, can have contamination levels millions of times higher than the water in which they live. And polar bears, which feed on seals, can have contamination levels up to 3 billion times higher than their environment.

People become contaminated either directly from household products or by eating contaminated seafood and animal fats.

The whole world is aware of air pollution and rightly so, and have started ways to tackle the issue. But of Ocean pollution, many people are unaware of the issue and so fail to act against it.

Billions of tons of litter end up in the ocean each year, and it is substantially more than the 250 million tons of trash generated. This has led to a gradual loss in marine life and an increase in the number of endangered species.



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