BMW wireless charging electric vehicles

Wireless car charging - A reality


BMW’s wireless charging pad is set to come to other electric hybrids Beemer has in its vehicle portfolio, including the 330e, 740e and the i8. The price of the pad and its exact release date has been kept under wraps, but we’d hazard a guess and say it’ll be priced in the ballpark of BWM’s i Wallbox Pro charging station, which costs around $900/£670.

Having tech that makes it easier to charge electric vehicles could be the means to accelerating their appeal to more motorists originally concerned about the faff of charging an electric hybrid; the simplicity of the BMW charging pad and the fact that it can withstand a clumsy driver running over it, might be the gadget to get people driving greener cars.…

When driving a BMW i vehicle, every household socket, or the purpose-built BMW i Wallboxes are your re-fuelling stations. And when you’re travelling you’ve access to 4,000+ public charging stations, via ChargeNow. Some of which will re-charge the BMW i3 to 80% in around 40 minutes.
Power has never been this electrifying. Discover all the innovative charging solutions available to power your BMW i3 – at home or on the go – with BMW 360° Electric.
If you can park within 5m of an electrical socket, you can charge a BMW i vehicle. The charging cable included (a 13-amp plug to type-2) will plug directly into your household mains sockets and recharge to 80% capacity in about twelve hours, with a BMW i8 taking considerably less. To make re-charging easier, there are two variations of the BMW i Wallbox, which are available. Both Wallbox variations create a dedicated home charging facility.
The Wallbox Plus will re-charge the BMW i3 to 80% in under four hours and a BMW i8 to 80% in under two hours. The Wallbox Connect charges in an identical time, but is fully Wi-Fi enabled for simple integration to home networks, enabling additional Digital Charging Services now available from BMW, whereby users can configure the charging of their electric vehicle entirely in line with their wishes. The maximum possible use of renewable energy (e.g. through the integration of a solar power system) is also optionally possible, for maximum emission-free charging.


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