Virgin Galactic hold a ‘dry run’ for rocket-powered flights


Billionaire Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic has conducted a ‘dry run’ for its SpaceShipTwo VSS Unity plane which will be used to carry passengers to suborbital space. The reusable space-plane flew with the configuration of a rocket-powered flight despite having no rocket. The reusable spaceplane still has between two to nine more staged glides to go before the aerospace company moves on to rocket-propelled tests. But this one is special because it serves as a dry run for actual rocket-powered flights. It flew with the configuration a powered flight will have, carrying propulsion components onboard, along with 1,000 pounds of water to simulate the weight of fuel casing. Unity is the company’s second SpaceShipTwo spacecraft after the original vehicle crashed in 2014, killing a co-pilot.

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