BMW Motorrad’s self-riding motorcycle concept unveiled

The bike can start, Stop and turn automatically


BMW just now unveiled a self-driving Motorcycle concept that not only drives on its own but can also start, turns and stop over stand without human assistance. Based on BMW R 1200 GS Platform, the concept is currently on test phase for improving rider safety in the future transportation specially for two-wheelers. It will help BMW bikes determine if a situation for the rider is Idle in the future or not.

According to BMW it’s all about the safety of the riders and measures taken in increasing its understanding of the bike’s dynamics. Once it is able to classify the rider’s behavior and pattern on its bike, a future BMW motorcycle might be able to asses if the situation is idle or dangerous before the rider even knows about it.

BMW is still testing and studying about the situations and conditions with their tests and improving its functionalities to make its rides over BMW bikes more safe and secure for its passengers.

BMW current technology for the self-driving Motor Bikes are still lagging behind the current technologies used for autonomous Cars but the whole research is targetted for the safety and security for the drivers to avoid the potentially dangerous situations. This was the 2-year research to study more about the Motorbike dynamics and security and not for the production bikes.

BMW Reseach team is pretty excited over this and was able to accomplish with its R1200GS riding around robot-bike style. Progress in this technology encourages features like adaptive cruise control or lane-keeping assist into the Two-Wheelers for the future bikes which makes them compete in the market with the technological development in the Cars.

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