Whatsapp Update Limits Forward Msg to 5 in India

This step comes order to curb fake news


Whatsapp Limits Forward Msg to 5 in India In order to curb fake news, WhatsApp started rolling out the updates to limit the forwarding messages, photos and videos to only five contacts at once in India. “The limit has started to appear this week for people in India who are on the current version,” WhatsApp said. But Globally Whatsapp users can still forward messages up to 20 contacts at once. As there were many incidents happened in India in which people used WhatsApp to broadcast or spread fake news and hoax which ultimately involved in many criminal activities including mob-lynching. There were many times Govt and people asked the service provider to curb this kind of misuse of the technology and after so much pressure and demand from the Govt Agencies and political parties to help in limiting the misuse of technology in spreading hoax. Now as Whatsapp took this major step to limit the use of technology we still need to see how it will impact on the issues or something else still needs to be done to eliminate the issue. for more updates on similar kinds of stories, please visit Igreenik.

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