Uniquely Brilliant VR: OCULUS GO

credits: Facebook

Virtual Reality

Good news for Virtual Reality lovers out there.  At a developers’ conference in San Jose, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg unveiled a new virtual reality headset from Oculus. The new VR headset has been christened the Oculus Go.
What is the most selling feature of this new headset is that it is completely standalone? It doesn’t  need to be plugged into any hardware like a PC or mobile phone. And the best part, it is priced at a low 199$, significantly cheaper than its forebear the Oculus Rift at 300-400$.
Oculus Go uses its cameras, sensors, and software to accurately render the virtual worlds in the headsets.
“Our current goal through Oculus Go is to introduce virtual reality to more people”. Zuckerberg stated.
Along with Go, Oculus shed light on its future products like Oculus Santa Cruz prototype, a Virtual Reality with positionally tracked controllers with six degrees of freedom.
Oculus Venues, which as the name hints, would allow the user to visit venue for live concerts, sporting events, movie premiere etc. along with other users.
Price comparison chart of popular VRs in market


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