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6th Global Mass Extinction Is Coming All Too Soon??

City Fire Lightning Disaster End Of The World

According to MIT geophysicist Daniel Rothman investigation about the fluctuations in the carbon cycle the pathway carbon traces through our planet’s land, oceans, and atmosphere that have occurred over the past 542 million years next Mass Extinction is too far away. Mass Extinction doesn’t come along very often, but after some 540 million years this world we live on has witnessed five mass extinctions and the next might be before the year 2100. after analysing 31 established carbon isotopic events and the grim assessment of a new mathematical analysis of Earth’s revolving carbon cycle recognised by geochemists, Daniel Rothman identified the ebb and flow of carbon 12 and carbon 13 two isotopes of carbon whose abundance has varied considerably in Earth’s history and from this, he constructed a database to assess how much carbon mass was pumped into the world’s oceans in each historical event. In most of these episodes, the carbon volume stayed under a certain threshold. Of-course It wouldn’t happen overnight, but such an epic die-off could play out over something like 10,000 years or so.

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