Launch Alert: Google Pixelbook

Source: Google
Google has launched an expensive chromebook, calling it Pixelbook. Its price varies from $999 to $1,649.  Although it may seem overly expensive but its features justify the price. It is incredibly thin at just over 10 mm and weighs just under 2 and a half pounds with Aluminum body. It can also be used as a tablet that makes it different from Google’s Chromebok Pixel.
Processor:- 7th Gen Intel i5 ($999 and $1,199)
7th Gen Intel i7($1,649)
Ram:-          8 GB ($999 and $1,199)
16 GB ($1,649)
SSD:-          128 GB ($999)
256 GB ($1,199)
512 GB ($1,649)
Battery:-      41Wh (Google claims 10 hours mixed use)
Ports:-         2 USB-C with fast-charging, headphone jack
Display:-    12.3-inch, 2400 x 1600 LCD Touchscreen
Camera:-    720p
Four microphones, two speakers
Bluetooth 4.2
45W charger

It’s competition is with great Windows machines at the same price and chromebooks that cost far less but Google is trying hard to make Android laptop a thing.

Google still wants to make Android laptops a thing. The buyer can also buy Pixelbook pen, a stylus designed for Pixelbook for an additional $99. It is claimed to have low latency, battery lifetime of 1 year and button for activating Google Assistant. One other good thing is that Pixelbook has capability to run your favourite Android apps. It has got full offline capabilities with Android apps, excellent build, powerful processor and plenty of storage but it is short on ports. Overall Pixelbook seems justified for its price if you are looking for a solid, feature loaded laptop cum tablet.


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