Hear Hear, Pixel Buds are Here

source: Google

Google enters the headphone market with its amazing Pixel Buds that will be launched  in November and priced at $159. The wonderful in-ear, wireless headphones will be available in three different colours and are directly linked to Google Assistant. The right bud has a touch pad which can be used to access Google Assistant, control volume and music playback and answer calls. Since Google Assistant is the highlighting feature of Pixel Buds, it can help you in many ways- be it reading notifications or messages. A selling feature of Pixel Buds would definitely be the real time translation feature provided by Google Translate. When the other person or you yourself speak, you’ll hear the translation right in your ear. Pixel Buds have 5 hour battery life and the charging case also allows for multiple charges without needing to be plugged in every time.

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