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German police will be able to hack WhatsApp by end of 2017 – leaked report


German police will reportedly be able to hack into encrypted messaging services like WhatsApp by using a new version of the state’s surveillance software which will be ready by the end of 2017. A new version of the German police’s Remote Communication Interception Software (RCIS), which is used for surveillance over electronic devices. In a report the Netzpolitik a German independent media outlet, citing a leaked Interior Ministry internal progress report which it obtained. So the leaked government report suggests that the software was being developed since the beginning of 2016, over a year before the security service was legally allowed to develop such software. The law also gave police power to hack into the devices of all people suspected of any criminal activity – not just those who are suspected of terrorism. The latest developments have provoked criticism from activists and politicians, who believe that massive state surveillance will eventually compromise people’s security instead of protecting them against any threats.

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