aston martins designs 4 million submarine unveiled

Aston Martin’s Designs for a $4 Million Submarine Unveiled

credits: Aston Martin
In collaboration with the US-based Triton Submarines, British automaker Aston Martin unveiled a concept submarine on Thursday at the Monaco Yacht Show. Code-named as “Project Neptune”, it is exclusively designed and is a limited edition which will be having worth around $4 million. This model is based on Low Profile (LP) platform of Triton, specifically designed for superyachts. It has spacing for three people and an acrylic bubble cabin to have a clear view of the water. It is expected that the submarine will be available in about a year. According to the reports and sources, it is revealed that the submarine is about 5.9 feet tall and will travel at the speed of 5.6 kilometers per hour. Read more


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