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Silicon valley Startup Pi claimed to make world’s first wireless charger


A Silicon Valley start-up, Pi, has claimed it has developed the world’s first wireless charger. According to claims Pi has developed a device that can charge smartphones with magnetic waves. The Pi chargers, Small in size operates on wireless charging technology that is used in Apple or Android smartphones. The device does not use a cable or a pad to charge smartphones and can charge multiple devices within about a foot’s distance in any direction. Pi’s magnetic fields are relatively weak, far less than the levels used for medical imaging, but allow devices to be charged at “full speed,” according to MacDonald. A combination of smartphones and tablets could wirelessly charge on a desk if a Pi were placed near people working together. Pi set up shop in the Silicon Valley city of San Bruno, and the co-founders said they raised $3.5 million in a seed funding round lead by SoftTech VC managing partner Jean-Francois Clavier. MacDonald promised that Pi devices would begin shipping next year and be priced “well below $200.”

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