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N/Core, Cisco join up to mentor non-profit start-ups

N/Core and Cisco Join Hands


Startup incubator N/Core has joined hands with Cisco Systems for their non-profit start-up incubation programme named N/Core tech.

Sudha Srinivasan, chief executive officer of N/Core.
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In words of Sudha Srinivasan, the chief executive officer of N/Core, “This collaboration between N/Core and Cisco aspires to elevate the development sector in its adoption of technology to solve problems at large scale. We believe that our support for innovation leveraging technology will change the norm of the development sector in pace, scale, and efficiency,” 

For those of you who may not know, N/Core is an Indian start-up incubator managed by non-profit Nudge Foundation. It was founded by Atul Satija in early 2017.

The selected start-ups will be mentored by N/Core’s star-studded mentor team which includes industry veterans like Sanjay Purohit, ex-chairman of Infosys Consulting; Maneesh Dhir, former managing director of Apple India; K.R. Lakshminarayan, chief endowment officer of Azim Premji Foundation, and Ujwal Thakar, the ex-chief executive officer of Pratham and GiveIndia.

The aim of N/Core tech would be to help startups which will focus on solving social and economic problems using technology.

It would mentor 20 non-profit start-ups in its first year in two separate groups. The graduating start-ups will also get an innovation grant of Rs. 10 Lakhs.

Conditions applied though.

Only those Entrepreneurs will be selected, who work full-time on their non-profit idea for the programme.

As said before, the main focus would be on nurturing start-ups that focus primarily on water and food security, healthcare, financial inclusion, education, accessibility, water, menstrual hygiene and the environment.

Most start-ups which have been selected by N/Core are already linked with the underprivileged society on social and welfare issues. The incubator will help these companies overcome expansion challenges with mentorship and money. N/Core will help these start-ups to expand and guide them through mentorship and money.

N/Core isn’t a newbie when it comes to mentoring start-ups.

  • Some of its earlier start-ups include Saarthi Education, and The Education Alliance, who work to solve problems in the education sector.
  • Sushrat Foundation and Sukhibhava, which are working in the healthcare sector.
  • Project Potential, a Bihar-based start-up which works to empower young entrepreneurs; Foundation for Environmental Monitoring, an open source platform for monitoring water and soil quality.

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