ISRO planning to build igloo like habitats on moon

ISRO all set for Chandrayaan 2


The Indian Government on Wednesday told the Lok Sabha House that The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is planning to build Igloo like structures for Moon habitation.  In a written response to a question asked in the Lok Sabha on whether the ISRO has started working on building habitats on the lunar surface for potential future missions. Jitendra Singh, Minister of the state which looks after the Department of Space, said: “The ISRO, along with academic institutions, is doing experimentation on potential structures for lunar habitation.

An igloo is a dome shape shelter for people to stay warm and dry made from blocks of snow/Ice placed on top of each other.

“Various options are being studied about the requirements and complexities of habitats. The study is more towards futuristic developments,” Singh said.

ISRO had first launched its Moon mission Chandrayaan-1 in 2008. Now in its second mission – the Chandrayaan-2  ISRO Planning a rover to send on Moon which will be made to land on the moon’s yet-unexplored south pole. The rover will send high-quality pictures that will help in further research and the better understanding of the moon and for the future exploration.

ISRO is one of the Worlds best and renowned Space Organization which has many achievements under their name. You can also check out our video on chandrayaan 2 on our youtube channel

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