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Siri read out notifications even on locked iPhone – Bug in Siri reported

Apple confirms fix (Update) for Siri Soon


A bug in Siri app lets Apple’s voice assistant read aloud notifications even when the iPhone is locked and notifications are set to be hidden. The bug also affects the third party apps including WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. After many complaints about this problem, Apple has now confirmed this issue and said they will be fixing the bug in Siri in an upcoming software update that caused Siri to read aloud hidden lock screen notifications from many apps on iPhones. It was reported earlier this week that iPhone users can simply ask Siri to “read my notifications”, and the digital assistant will read aloud the contents of notifications.

Now, Apple has confirmed that a fix is on its way and will be available soon. “We are aware of the issue and it will be addressed in an upcoming software update,” Apple said. The update should arrive in iOS 11.3, which is available in the form of beta, but Apple might release an interim update with the fix like it did when a Telugu character was found crashing messaging apps on iPhones.

This issue, in particular, leads to a privacy concern to the users as the bug in Siri is reading aloud messages and emails from third-party apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Gmail emails, even after the phone is locked and notifications are set to be hidden in settings. which clearly violates the privacy rules, and is a concern for iPhone users who expect that their notifications stay hidden and cannot be read by others. This an embarrassing situation for the Apple and they are Fixing this bug straight away.

Apple has not shared a specific timeline for the release of this update. Stay tuned with IGreenik for similar post updates and news.

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