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Scientists claims cure for cervical cancer

Image courtesy: National Polytechnic Institute

Mexican Scientists claims 100% cure for cervical cancer causing human papillomavirus (HPV)


Mexican Scientists claims a cure for cervical cancer which can cause HPV after 20-year research.

Mexican Researcher Eva Ramon claimed the cure for cervical cancer which was tested on  29 Mexico city women and overall 420 patients in a clinical trial.

The therapy was successful during the clinical phase in which it removes damaged cells without affecting the healthy cells. This is a significant breakthrough in the research of cancer treatment.

As per the reports, this therapy will treat women suffering from cervical-cancer without any side effects. In earlier reports, a team of Israeli scientists also claims to have a cure for cancer which might be available within a year.

According to EI Universal reports the effect of this treatment reduces from a 100 percent in HPV-infected patients those who don’t develop cancer to 64 percent of women those who had both the viruses and cervical cancer and 57 percent in women those who had cancer but no HPV infection.

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