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New Study finds Water on Moon(ICE) by India’s Chandrayaan Help

ISRO launched Chandrayaan in 2008 to study Moon


NASA confirms Water on Moon’s Surface Using data from India’s first Moon mission, Chandrayaan a NASA instrument aboard in a fresh study has claimed first “direct and definitive evidence” of ice on moon’s poles.

The Chandrayaan was launched by ISRO in 2008 to study Moon and the first evidence of frozen water on Moon was found a year later with the help of the same satellite.

According to Scientists, the ice could provide a source of water for future astronauts going for Moon Mission or the Missions having stoppage over the Moon.

Astronomers have found patches of Ice on South and North Pole of the moon and are hopeful that in future these eyes will provide the necessary water supply to visitors to the moon.

Most of the ice on the Moon was found near the moon’s south pole near the cluster of craters named after scientists and explorers.

The Indian Space Research Agency launched its Moon Mission Chandrayaan in 2008 and was quickly rewarded with evidence of frozen water on the lunar surface in 2009.

Soon after the Indian feat and success of Moon Mission, The Nasa crashed a spacecraft into the 100km-wide Cabeus crater which created the permanent impact on the moon’s south pole surface.

That intentional act of lunar violence by the NASA threw up a huge amount of debris from which scientists were able to analyse and confirmed the presence of Ice and water over the surface of the moon.

Patches of ICE around moon’s north pole and south pole could provide the source of water for future human Missions.

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