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Google mobile web search now have voice input and spoken results

The search giant appears to be condition searchers to use voice crossways all platforms


Google mobile web search is now having voice input and spoken results. The search giant appears to be condition searchers to use voice crossways all platforms.

According to the latest update,

Google has added a microphone to the search field in Android phones to allow mobile web voice search. It’s an interesting move known that users could already do voice search on the mobile, with the Android keyboard microphone.

A new mic icon:

A is a screen from Android on the left and the iPhone on the right, show search results. The iPhone doesn’t show the mic, even though the keyboard enables voice input. The search express is how much percentage voice searches on mobile voice option?”

further than the microphone icon within the search box, the main difference — a significant one — is that users will hear a spoken response now with Android mobile web searches slightly than simply obtain a set of “silent” results.

This voice reaction may give confidence people to undertake extra searches while their eyes are occupied, such as when they are cooking or driving.

This may or may not officially be the Google Assistant in action. But for all practical purpose that’s how it appears.

You have already Google voice search option on the mobile web:

The search bar on the Android home screen already provides right to use to the Google Assistant. So Google isn’t offering a new useable option and most users probably aren’t doing the unlimited of their searches on Android phones from

These days what is Google doing? In one sense it’s just making voice search and the Assistant everywhere so that anyway in point for Google search offers a consistent experience. It’s also further training people to use voice and interact with the Assistant, which is cross-platform usefulness and thus “bigger” than search.

Why you should care about voice search?

In 2016 Google announced that 20 percent of mobile queries by voice searches. It’s significant to differentiate between voice search on smartphones and smart speakers.

We have an up-and-coming channel whose use cases are still not well recognized. With smartphones, we have the main search device being used today.

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